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Hello. I’m Paige Koch, I’m 4 and live in Belfast with my mummy, daddy, big sister Aimee Rose, and baby sister Chloe. Some of my favourite things are being tickled, being with my sisters (who both love me to bits) and having fun and family time in my hydrotherapy hot tub. And I love, love, LOVE Peppa Pig!




Paige Koch who has mitochondrial disease

Paige’s mum, Josephine tells the family’s journey with mito:

Paige’s health problems began with having seizures at five weeks old. A muscle and skin biopsy early this year confirmed that she has a complex 1 mitochondrial disease respiratory defect, but as yet the exact gene that has caused it hasn’t been identified.

Our hope for Paige’s is that treatments and a cure may be found so that mito will have less impact on her life going forward and allow her to live a full life.

Paige Koch with her two sisters

Mito impacts on Paige on lots of ways

She tires easily and has good and bad days”

One day she could be falling all over the place and on others walking around fine. Paige has both hearing and sight loss, can’t to speak, needs a feeding tube, has weakness on her left side and muscle tightness in her left leg. She gets chest infections regularly for which she needs nebulizer and inhalers. 

“When Paige takes ill it knocks her back a lot

but she always come back fighting”

The more research into mitochondrial function, the more chance there is for treatments to be found … not only for mito sufferers like Paige, but for the millions with the common conditions known to be linked to mito too.

Please help us raise awareness and funds for research in any way you can.

Thanks for reading our story.

The Koch Family

Paige Koch and family dealing with mitochondrial disease

A family's

one simple wish.

For Paige to have
a normal life and future.

It’s hard when your child is chronically sick. When it’s a little-known illness and there’s an uncertain prognosis and limited understanding from the world at large, it can be even harder.

Feeling powerless to do anything about it can be very hard
too. That’s why Paige’s family want to be a part of raising
more awareness for mito … and hopes of treatments and a cure.

Family dealing with mitochondrial disease's wish is for Paige to have a normal future

Just a little support for their mission

would mean such a lot.

Paige Koch with 'Elsa'

More awareness, more research
… more hope.

Josie and Mark and their family and friends plan to
raise funds to the extent they can. This is of
course around their unwavering priority of ensuring
that Paige is taken care of.

Other people’s kindness in helping out with their
mission will go such a long way in taking it forward
… and in helping Paige’s family to feel as hopeful
and supported as possible.

Paige's Mito Mission

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