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My Mito Mission raises awareness, support, funds and hopes of a cure. We empower those affected to join us with their very own mission. Helping everyone understand that mito matters to MILLIONS.

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What is Mito?

Imagine living life on a low battery

that can’t
be charged

Mitochondrial Disease or ‘Mito’ is a genetic disorder affecting the mitochondria – the ‘battery packs’ in our cells. When they fail to produce enough energy, damage occurs – especially to the major organs.

Mitochondrial Disease Symptoms

Mito is one of the most common genetic conditions, is progressive and can be life-limiting. Currently there is no treatment or cure.

Why does Mito Matter to Millions?

Many common conditions also involve mitochondrial damage. Research into mito could bring hope to so many – not only those with mitochondrial disease. 
We’re passionate about spreading the message that the field of mitochondrial medicine has amazing potential. Here are some of the messages we are sharing on social media. 
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Mito Heroes - Mitochondrial Disease Supporters

Support Us

We need 
Mito Heroes.

It takes a sprinkling of courage to
support a lesser known cause.

That’s just one of the reasons why
we call our fabulous supporters our
Mito Heroes’. We simply couldn’t do
what we do … without your help.

Families and individuals affected by mito can often feel very isolated and alone in facing this debilitating and little-understood illness. Just a little support can go a very long way to help them feel that people care.

Please be a Mito Hero right now by checking out what you might do to help.

Our Missions

Get behind an individual mission

or the charity
as a whole

… it’s all the same cause.

We’re a network of missions, under one umbrella. Empowering those affected to make a positive difference with a person-centred campaign.

Individually making a local impact. Together making a national difference. 

Have mito? Missions are an easy way to raise awareness and understanding amongst your family, friends and community, along with funds for research and support. New missions are always welcome.

My Mito Directory - all things related to Mitochondrial Disease

My Mito Directory

Lots of mito info
all in one place.

We aim to build the Mito Directory into as comprehensive a resource on ‘everything mito’ as possible that’s aimed at the general public.

Want to know what books are available about mito, for instance? The directory will tell you.

There’s a wealth of information in 9 easy categories, to save you time searching.

We welcome suggestions on what else we might add, any amendments we might make or how we might improve the usefulness of this resource.

Please be aware we can’t vouch for any third party link’s content.

Mito Matters to Millions

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