"It's easy to feel powerless

in the face of mito.

But not always easy to do anything about it. We wanted to empower everyone affected by mitochondrial disease to do something.

Something to help them tell their own story to increase awareness, funds for research and hopes of a cure. Something their family, friends and community could really grasp, take to heart and rally around.

My Mito Mission was born."

Christine Beal, Co Founder and Chair

The founders and trustees of My Mito Mission are the family and friends of Emma Beal from West Yorkshire, UK. Emma became ill when she was 21 back in 2010 with no known history of mitochondrial disease in her family.

See more on Emma’s story here.

When we decided to help raise awareness and find a cure, we felt that having a personal mission centred on Emma to which family and friends could really relate, would be by far the most effective. We also wanted to make it easy for anyone else with mito to do likewise.

Emma Beal was a founder of My Mito Mission

So in August 2017, My Mito Mission was born and preparations made to launch our first mission – Emma’s Mito Mission – in the Autumn.

Tragically, Emma unexpectedly died of heart failure caused by mitochondrial disease in the September that year. With very heavy hearts, but knowing it would be what Emma would want, we launched her mission at her funeral. We like to think of Emma as our CAO (Chief Angelic Officer) and are thrilled at what we we’ve achieved so far … have a look for yourself!

Rachel was Emma Beal's best friend and keen fundraiser for My Mito Mission

September 2017

First £5,000 raised, enabling us to apply for official charity registration

October 2017

First sponsored event takes place - a run by Emma's best friend Rachel O'Connor

January 2018

Charity registration achieved with Charity Commission of England & Wales no.1176616

July 2018

First fundraising goal to raise £30,000 by what would have been Emma’s 30th birthday in December 2018 ... smashed

September 2018

First large organised event ‘The Big Push' for Mito raises over £4,500

April 2019

Launch of My Mito Mission’s striking, more powerful new branding

July 2019

First grants awarded through The Lily Foundation. £42,500 towards research into treatments and a cure, plus a support weekend for adults with mito

Cell Illustration

September 2019

First new mission - Regan's Mito Mission based in the West Midlands launched.

Celebrities and public join #KissGoodbyeToMito to make our first Global Mito Awareness Week campaign a huge success.

January 2020

Largest single donation to date of £10,000 received from Thornhill Estates.

The World Pandemic means the cancellation or postponement of many of our plans for 2020/2021. Our focus changes to building new income streams, our volunteer team, our missions and our foundations so that we can emerge all the stronger post pandemic.

March 2020

Due to Covid outbreak, stocks of perishable items for raffles, tombolas etc gifted in 30+ ’Hug Bundles' to people living with mito in lockdown.

May 2020

New Website is completed and launched.

August 2020

Despite restrictions around the pandemic, our missions steadily grow and reach 7, based around the UK.

Seven Missions
Research Image

September 2020

Second grant awarded through The Lily Foundation of over £23,000 to a vital Neuropsychiatric research project

Reallocation of previous unused funds give a further £4,000 to the above, and £10,000 to The Rudy Study for mito patients inclusion.

November 2020

Our Mito Shop opens with branded items from t-shirts to tote bags, bookmarks to baubles to raise awareness and funds.

February 2021

New regular donation scheme 'Regular Mito Hero' goes live.

September 2021

Our Light Up For Mito Campaign for World Mito Week is a huge success - including our fabulous Light Up Products.

October 2021

Double figures reached with our tenth mission launched. Our missions continue to go from strength to strength.

Light up for Mito Campaign
Growing together as a charity : My Mito Mission

March 2022

Our missions, supporters, trustees and volunteer numbers continue to grow. Our very first employee starts work and further strengthens our team and our sustainability.

Our inspirations remain those who live with mito daily and those who have tragically been lost to the condition. We work to bring them more recognition, treatments, support … and above all, hope for a cure.

Please continue to support us!
We couldn’t do what we do without you.

Thank you.

There are other excellent charities in the UK and worldwide dedicated to mito (see My Mito Directory). My Mito Mission aims to complement, not compete with other charities’ work and to financially support some of them through our grant funding. We are all ultimately working for the same goal – to raise awareness, support, funds for research and hopes for a cure for mitochondrial disease.

We are funded primarily by individuals like you – from donations and fundraising efforts. The majority of funds goes to research towards finding a cure for mitochondrial disease. We also aim to educate everyone about mito and to improve the information and support available to those with mito and their families.

We’re proud to be able to say the due to the ‘manpower’ to run our charity being voluntary, the vast majority of money donated goes directly to furthering our aims.

Statistics from launch of charity to end of December 2021

Our Mission Statement

To enable individuals with mitochondrial disease to be at the heart of their own personal mission under one collective banner.

To empower them along with their families, friends and communities to increase awareness, funds for research, support and information and above all hope for a cure for everyone with mitochondrial disease.

To grant funds to research and additional support to benefit as wide a cross section of those affected as possible.

To raise awareness amongst the general public about mitochondrial disease and the vital importance and potential of mitochondrial research. To increase understanding that more research into mitochondrial function could be the key to unlock treatments for many common conditions which affect MILLIONS in the UK alone.

Our Vision

Mitochondrial disease is a known and understood condition across the general public and medical profession alike. Those affected by mito feel that their illness is known, understood and that they are supported as with any other condition.

Mitochondrial research has expanded and successfully brought diagnosis for everyone affected and treatments for the many linked conditions as well as for mitochondrial disease.

Mitochondrial disease is treatable to the point of having of little or no impact to those affected, or is cured completely.

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Our Patrons

Patron Neil Hurst
Neil Hurst
Patron Nick Powell
Nick Powell
Sky Sports News Editor
Patron Edmund Thornhill
Edmund Thornhill
MD, Thornhill Estates

Our Staff

Joanna Flynn Charity Manager
Jo Flynn
Charity Manager

Our Trustees

Chris Appleby, Trustee
Chris Appleby
Christine Beal, Chair and founder of My Mito Mission
Christine Beal
Amanda Caldwell - My Mito Mission Trustee
Amanda Caldwell
Bethany Ellis, Trustee and Treasurer
Bethany Ellis
Francesca Sevilla-Rebelderia - My Mito Mission Trustee
Francesca Sevilla-Rebelderia Trustee
Sophie Whittaker, Trustee
Sophie Whittaker
Graham Wright - My Mito Mission Trustee
Graham Wright

Our Official Volunteers

Steph Brooks Volunteer
Steph Brooks
Lauren Chadwick
Lauren Chadwick
My Mito Mission Kate Heighway
Kate Heighway
Amanda Rorrison Volunteer
Amanda Rorrison
Jas Sagoo Volunteer
Jas Sagoo
Julie Wilson
Julie Wilson

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