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My Mito Mission energy bolt Empowerment
Offering personal missions to enable them to make a positive difference in raising vital awareness and hopes of treatments and a cure.

My Mito Mission energy bolt  Awareness
Increasing everyone’s knowledge and understanding of mitochondrial disease –  both with our missions and collectively as a charity – to gain equality for mito in its recognition, support and care.

My Mito Mission energy bolt Research
Raising funds to grant to new research projects to improve diagnosis and bring treatments and a cure to as many of those impacted as possible.

My Mito Mission energy bolt Support
Funding new and dedicated support projects to reduce isolation and improve wellbeing.

My Mito Mission energy bolt Information
Bringing online information about mitochondrial disease together in one place to give easier access to news, facts and information – more below.

My Mito Directory

Lots of mito info all in one place

My Mito Directory - related Mitochondrial Disease

The My Mito Directory aims to be as comprehensive a resource as possible for everything ‘mito’ that’s online which is aimed at the general public. Any additions and suggestions for improvement are always welcome.

There’s a wealth of information in 9 categories to save you time and energy in searching.

Want to know what books are available about mito, for instance? Check the ‘Books’ section. Wondering if there are any online support groups out there? Check out the ‘Peer Support Groups’ category.

Please be aware that we are unable to vouch for any third-party links or content.

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