More about having your own Mission

If you have mito, or suspected* mito you can start your own mission if you wish. You can also start one for someone else (with their permission), or for your child, or as a tribute to someone who’s sadly passed away.

No mission is too big or too small … because together we can make a massive difference. If just one more person gets to know about mito or if just £1 is raised through your mission then you’ve made a personal difference.

* those who are, or were, under investigation for mitochondrial disease by a medical specialist

What’s a Mito Mission?

An easy way to raise awareness and understanding amongst your family, friends and community, along with funds for research and support. We provide FREE personalised logo, leaflets, collecting cans, web page, online fundraising page, merchandise etc, all featuring your (or your child’s) name, story and photos. You start to raise awareness and funds to the extent you want.

You become part of a network of missions, all under one umbrella.

Check out an example mission page.

Raise awareness and funds by starting a Mito Mission

How would I do it?

Whether it’s just giving out a few leaflets, or running some events, over a few weeks or indefinitely … it’s up to you what you do. There are so many ways to raise awareness and funds and we have lots of ideas and help to get you going, as well as the tools you need.

Remember that you don’t have to do everything yourself. You can ask – and inspire – others to help you raise awareness and funds for you. People like to support a good cause and they like to support people they know or people in their community. You will be giving them that opportunity with your mission.

Raise funds for mitochondrial disease

Where will the funds raised go, and will I get any say?

Any money raised by individual missions goes to one central fund. Online monies will come directly to us and you send any offline money raised to us. Any cheques are made payable to ‘My Mito Mission’ in order that we can bank them. All missions are in aid of ‘My Mito Mission’ and this is made clear on our literature and support materials.

Our funds are then used to create more awareness about mito as well as being granted to research and to projects supporting those with mito. Our ‘missionees’ have the chance to input on how the funds will be allocated and our charity trustees make the final decision.

What if I want to raise money for things we need, such as a wheelchair?

You can, by all means … but just not through our charity, or by using our name.

Alternatively, rather than raise funds yourself – why not check out all the funds that exist to provide equipment for people with illness? See our My Mito Directory for charities (‘all conditions including mito’ category) who offer this kind of support.

Could I support another mito charity too?

You can, absolutely!  In fact we support other mitochondrial disease charities ourselves through our grant funding.  It’s all about working together for a common goal – to raise awareness, support, funds for research and hopes of a cure.

If you have a Mito Mission and also wish to support other charities – you just need to make it clear to the public who you’re supporting at any one time and then ensure that the funds go to that cause.  If you raise money using our branded items then any money raised needs to come to us. If you raise money for another charity then simply do it without using our charity’s name, your mission name or any branded items we provide.

Supporting Charities

Why offer My Mito Missions when there are already existing charities?

Our aim is to compliment the excellent mito charities out there and to give more choice to mito-affected families as to how they might raise awareness and funds themselves, if they wish. We believe our unique concept adds value because personalised missions can best capture people’s desire to support someone they know, and can make a greater impact in a local community.

Christine Beal, Chair and founder of My Mito Mission

How do I find out more, or get going with My Mito Mission?

Simply get in touch by calling Christine for an informal chat on 07810 331760, or fill out our contact form and she’ll either call you back or email details, as you wish.  There’s never any obligation.

If you decide you’d like to explore it further from there, we’ll send you some information and paperwork to check out. If you decide to go ahead with a mission, you simply complete the paperwork – and join us!  You’ll receive your promotional gear soon after and can get started.

How we support those affected by mito

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