First Ever My Mito Meet Up.

My Mito Meetup Cannon Hall Trip 2022Our first My Mito Mission meet-up – a get together for our missionees around the UK – took place this weekend and was a huge success.

A visit to Cannon Hall Farm, Barnsley on Saturday was followed by a social on Saturday evening at the Cedar Court Hotel, Huddersfield featuring a talk by top mitochondrial researcher Professor Kostas Tokatlidis from Glasgow University.

Sunday saw everyone – including staff, trustees and volunteers – get some inspiration on how we can together raise even more vital awareness and funds for research.

“It was just magical to see so many of our missions able to get together in person”, says Christine Beal, Chair of Trustees and lead for Emma’s Mito Mission. “Some very precious memories were made and friendships forged to last a lifetime”.

We can safely say that the My Mito Meet-Up 2022 was a massive success. A huge thanks, as ever, goes to each and every supporter for making events like this possible.

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