Light up for Mito Success

Piece Hall - Fox & Hounds Lit Up Sep20From The Piece Hall in Halifax to the Fox & Hounds, Bury St Edmunds (pictured)… it was fantastic to see so many buildings light up green this year in the UK in support of ‘Light Up for Mito’,
part of World Mito Week.

Some of our wonderful ‘missionees’ were determined to be in on the campaign too! Check out Regan and his family in the West Midlands from

Regan’s Mito Mission, the Brooks’ family home where Steph & Jake’s Mission is based and the eye-catching window in Rochdale by Aiman’s Mito Mission.  All glowing gloriously green to raise awareness.

Reagn and family lit up
Mel's house
Steph's house
Sabrina's house

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