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Our directory is aimed at saving you time searching the internet. We welcome any additions or feedback.

Please be aware that we can’t vouch for the content of the sites we find, and all descriptions are taken from those sites.

Audio compilations

Hugs For Mito

Mitochondrial Disease and Rare Disease Awareness, Advocacy, Research, Fundraising and Hopefully Cures.


The mitoPodCast is a program aimed at building awareness in the mitochondrial medicine, research and patient advocacy community on topics related to mitochondrial disease and health as well as to highlight cutting-edge research in the field.

Our audio-format episodes are approximately 10-15 minutes in length and will feature the exciting work of an expert in the field in a way that can be understood by all in the community. Included with every episode will be an infographic summary of what was discussed so please check that out as well!

Mito Action Podcasts

Monthly Mito Expert Series: monthly educational webinars and a podcasts featuring guest speakers addressing topics important to the mito community, giving patients and families unprecedented access to leading clinical experts.

The Mito Podcast

A podcast for families and friends of children with Mitochondrial Diseases. Support, resources, community.

UMDF Powerhouse Podcasts

A collection of UMDF podcasts on You Tube.

Video compilations

In this section we take you to the sources of video that we’re aware of, to enable you to explore individual videos which may be of interest to you.

Facebook Video Compilations about mitochondrial disease


Search results for mitochondrial disease.

The Lily Foundation educational videos about mitochondrial disease

The Lily Foundation

Here you can watch video lectures given by the UK's top experts on mitochondrial disease. The lectures were recorded at Lily Foundation events and are designed for patients, families or anyone who wants to learn more about mito. They cover various aspects of the disorder, including advice on managing it, how to obtain a genetic diagnosis and current treatment strategies.

UMDF's Mito University

UMDF's Mito University

A complimentary collection of on-demand videos covering common questions and topics.

Vimeo Logo


Search “mitochondrial disease” for 219 videos (at December 2019).

Wellcome Centre

Wellcome Centre for Mitochondrial Research, Newcastle

Patient day talks from 2015 and 2016 Patient Information days.

YouTube Video Compilation

You Tube

Search “mitochondrial disease” – in quotes – for 3000+ videos (at December 2019) specific to mitochondrial disease. Use the filter option to narrow search.

A search without quotes will result in thousands more options all featuring either ‘mitochondrial’ or ‘disease’, but not necessarily ‘mitochondrial disease’.

Compilations on YouTube uploaded by various mito charities can be found by searching the charity name eg “The Lily Foundation”, “Mito Action”, “My Mito Mission” etc.

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